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Fiona Richmond at her Pleasure

Fiona Richmond is interviewed about her Men Only column and attitudes towards sex.

News 1970 9 mins Not rated

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This news report is taken from TV documentary The Actress Said (1970). British sex symbol, glamour model and actor, Fiona Richmond bares all with Tony Adams. She travels to the South West for a nude photo shoot on the moors and has a chance to catch up with men in Plymouth finding stories for her articles which she candidly pens about sex for the UK’s top shelf magazines. After an audition for Paul Raymond, Fiona Richmond became his companion and the duo gained celebrity status.

Paul Raymond ran Raymond’s Revue Bar and other nightclubs in London’s Soho such as Madame Jojo’s. He is credited with pushing the boundaries of adult entertainment through live shows and soft pornographic magazine publishing. In the 1950s, he was the first to use rotating stage floors effectively ending the era of nudes posing on stage like artworks or tableaux vivants. The Adult Entertainment Industry entered a new phase. Richmond, a vicar’s daughter was a nanny and an air steward before starring at the Revue Bar and becoming an adult entertainment journalist. She appeared in Let’s Get Laid with John Inman after Raymond reopened the legendary Windmill Theatre in 1974.