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Film Without

Mundane images are flipped, looped, reversed and interpolated to the sound of Monteverdi and other sonic textures.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1976 43 mins


This immersive experimental film work demonstrates the influence of collage and psychedelic light shows. Constructed using the Debrie contact printer at the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative, it employs a musical and associative editing style, introducing colour-fields and symmetrical effects that transform the diverse source material. Stuart Pound’s transitions gently toy with the viewer’s perception.

Juxtaposing looped domestic recordings (with no visual reference) with the music of Monteverdi, Pound playfully breaks the conventional relationships between both sound and image, and cause and effect; the film becomes overtly sexualised as it journeys towards its frenetic conclusion. Pound’s work from the 1970s is often concerned with oblique tonal shifts, contrasts, atmospheres and the libidinal, and in this respect it differs to many other films made at the LFMC, a radical, alternative film centre that operated on non-hierarchal principles. Film Without dates to a concentrated period in the late 1970s when several LFMC artists and members were supported by the BFI Production Board.