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Feeding the Pigeons in Saint Mark's Square, Venice

A wayward toddler is the star of this short early travelogue

Non-Fiction 1898 1 mins Silent


An unruly child actor can't spoil the charm of this utterly delightful bit of film. The diminutive star seems to have her own agenda - she certainly doesn't seem too keen to take direction from filmmaker William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson (that's him, looking dapper in a white suit and cap). At least the pigeons hit their marks! The beauty of the scene is enhanced by its exceptional image quality - thanks to Dickson's unique large-format (68mm) film stock.

This was one of a number of films taken during Dickson's 1898 tour of Italy. On the same tour, Dickson secured the coup of capturing the first moving images of the Pope (then Leo XIII).