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Fe Dal I Chi Holi - yn Eich Pwll Nofio Lleol (Teenagers Learn to Swim)

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl to another because he's no fish. Message to any boy viewer: learn to swim at your local pool and become a great catch!

Public Information Filler 1972 1 mins

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Humorous animation: girl finds a seemingly ideal boy. Girl then drops boy when he fails on the swimming front. Boy decides he must learn to swim or he will never manage to keep a "bird" in the hand. The serious but unspoken message behind the "Pow!" and "Splash!" of the seaside frolics in this public information film, however, is that young people really should get down to their local pool and learn to swim, drowning being a common cause of death for the under-16s.

The Ministry of Information, producing films/leaflets that warned the British public of dangers, or provided advice or acted as propaganda during WWII, was disbanded with the arrival of peace but replaced by the Central Office of Information, so that the government could continue to disseminate advice or guidance on any number of issues e.g. health, education, rights. The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales holds a number of such films from the 1970s that were provided with Welsh language sound tracks.