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Family Party - Senat Personal Film - 1964

Macbeth, Julius Caesar and other Shakespearean characters let their hair down at home.

Amateur film 1964 4 mins Silent


A colourful cast of Shakespearean characters – Macbeth, Julius Caesar and many more – let their hair down at home. The reason? An elaborate family costume party, of course. This film, shot on 16mm using the popular, good quality amateur film stock Kodachrome, comes from the home movie collection of the Senat family. Charming and captivating in equal measure, it looks like a fun gathering.

The Senat collection was donated to the BFI National Archive by Rick Senat, a boy at the time this film was shot. Senat went on to become a major film industry executive and consultant, at Warner Brothers and elsewhere, as well as a Deputy Chair of the BFI.