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Exiles v Nomads in the Smallest League in the World

Exiles v Nomads in the Smallest League in the World

Sport 1980 5 mins

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Westward TV’s sports’ reporter Chris Fear is there as Division Four team Penwith Exiles FC travel to the Island of St Mary’s to compete for the Cup against their nearest rivals the Nomads Football Club. St Mary's is the largest island of the Isles of Scilly, home to the Isles of Scilly Football League, the smallest league in the world with only two local teams, originally the Woolpack Wanderers and the Garrison Gunners.

The Exiles and Nomads play each other seventeen times a season, the Exiles are winning 7 games to 1 as they compete for two cups the Wholesalers’ Cup, the Foredeck Cup and the league title. The two teams share the Garrison Field grounds but travel to the mainland to play other non-professional teams. The ‘Dream Big’ Campaign for Adidas was based on the island’s football league where professional footballers arrive to coach the local children’s football team.