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Everybody's London

Dramatic public information film exploring the role of the GLC and featuring numerous shots of London streets, people, parks and institutions.

Public Information Filler 1971 25 mins

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A laudable attempt by the GLC to jazz up the dry topic of local government, this films looks at the responsibilities of the GLC, from housing to transport. Includes a brief history of London, explaining why the GLC were formed from the ashes of the LCC and MBW, before exploring contemporary issues, all to a modish soundtrack and fast-cut edit. Includes numerous shots of London streets, people, offices and parks, as well as a general overview of the city in 1971.

A very interesting look at the state of London in 1971, with the recently formed GLC outlining what they believed were the major challenges and solutions facing the city at the start of the 1970s. Features several wonderful street and office scenes, covering numerous aspects of London life, from housing in Thamesmead, reservoirs in Edmonton to culture on the South Bank and the GLC’s own workers at County Hall, where we see secretaries wrestling with new-fangled computerisation. Everybody’s London is different, runs the refrain, and it’s the GLC’s place to balance all these competing interests for the good of the entire city.