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Eclair Journal 102-1

A Tottenham Hotspur v Middlesbrough football match interrupts the many news reports about World War I.

Non-Fiction 1914 3 mins Silent


It's late 1914 and the Great War has been raging for several months. Newsreels are full of war related stories but while the full horror of it is still in the future they take a lighter approach: soldiers tending to their horses and children playing at soldiers. But the need for football can't be held back. Tottenham take on Middlesbrough in a first division clash at White Hart Lane. It was a 3-3 draw but Spurs could have done with a win; they were relegated at the end of the season, one point behind Chelsea.

The Éclair Journal was a short-lived British version of a French newsreel. It ran from 1913 to around 1917.