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ECA Conference and Whipsnade Zoo

Join Sydney Bligh and his fellow delegates as they tour Derbyshire spa towns, visit castles and cathedrals and still have time to see the animals at Whipsnade Zoo

Amateur film 1934 7 mins Silent

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Sydney Bligh's travelogue kicks off in Derbyshire, where we get lovely views of Matlock and Buxton. Next we're in Lichfield - visiting the medieval cathedral, a playright's house and Dr Johnson's willow tree at Stowe Pond. After a quick dash to Kenilworth and Warwick Castles, we're at Edge Hill , an English civil war battleground, looking out over the landscape. Finally, we arrive at Whipsnade Zoo and see a variety of animals living in the Bedfordshire countryside.

Sydney Bligh ran a wireless and electronics shop called S.W.Bligh, which was on North Lane in Canterbury. He was an early pioneer of radio, beginning his experiments in 1913 using the call-sign BXA. By the early 1920s Bligh was broadcasting his own shows - before becoming one of the founder members of the British Broadcasting Company. As well as his work as an amateur filmmaker he also was an early pioneer of television and developed some components that improved television reception.