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Down Our Street

The combined effort of three housewives demonstrates to the audience how everyone pulling together could help to overcome the high stakes of war.

Documentary 1942 7 mins

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Three women, all from one street but different class backgrounds, mysteriously congregate at one house. Their paths may rarely have crossed in pre-war society, yet the experience of war appears to have helped remove some of their class prejudices. After all, these three housewives now share a common interest, their sons all serve in the armed forces.

There is much evidence to suggest that the Second World War had a unifying effect on social attitudes in Britain, although to what extent remains a much debated issue. The notion of everyone pulling together, or a ‘people’s war’, is a theme that appears frequently in Ministry of Information films. It was also recognised that film propaganda had a role to play in maintaining a shared identity between government and ordinary people, not wanting any one section of society to feel isolated from the war effort.