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This morale-boosting variety extravaganza – filled with radio personality Carroll Levis' discoveries - is like a wartime Britain's Got Talent.

Comedy 1940 68 mins


Touring England in search of talent, something like a 1930s Simon Cowell, Canadian-born wireless personality Carroll Levis hosted a BBC Radio series in the pre-war years showcasing his "discoveries". This cinema spinoff includes performances by some of the young unknowns he discovered, including singers, comedians, and a couple of rather good Laurel and Hardy impersonators.

While this unashamedly patriotic variety spectacular was shot before conflict commenced, the clouds of war were visible on the horizon – and pride of place is given to a rousingly flag-waving rendition of There'll Always Be an England, sung by a well-scrubbed lad surrounded by the stoic Empire troops who stand at the ready.