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Didums Diddles the P'liceman

A budding mini-suffragette is determined to turn a local policeman into the butt of her jokes.

Comedy 1912 6 mins Silent


The knee-slapping mini-minx in this film doesn't much care about votes for women. All she has taken from the women's suffrage movement is that policemen are fair game. At this time the Women's Social and Political Union was advocating "deeds not words" in the cause of women' suffrage, with even the prime minister not safe from physical attack. Such events were perfect fuel for the budding British film industry to ignore the serious issues and turn the lot into a slapstick chase comedy.

The Clarendon Film Company turned out at least a dozen Didums comedies presided over by the studio's house director Wilfred Noy between 1910 and 1912, all following the same 'naughty little child' template.