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Delhi Durbar

Let the pageantry commence! Aristocracy, army, elephants and more mark the start of the 1903 Durbar.

Non-Fiction 1902 3 mins Silent


Let the pageantry commence! Lord Curzon, the Viceroy (chief architect of the Durbar celebrating the accession of Edward VII as Emperor), the Duke and Duchess of Connaught (Edward's stand-ins), Indian Princes, elephants and troops were all part of the Delhi's grand opening. This spectacle on 29th December 1902 kicked off a fortnight of festivities.

This footage was taken by Gaumont. Cameras from Paul's Animatograph Works and the Warwick Trading Company were also present. Each was filmed from a different distance and position and at a different moment of the procession, leaving us with complementary historical records of a highly visual occasion.