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Death of a Railway

A British Railways “Here to Serve You” notice is ironically juxtaposed with a “Withdrawal of Services” notice in this regional news footage from Anglia Television.

News 1964 11 mins Silent

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1964 brought about more cuts to train services with branch lines and station closures. The British Railways “Withdrawal of Passenger Service” notices were seen at many stations in rural parts of East Anglia. Throughout the year, Anglia Television captures the last working days of some of Cambridgeshire’s stations that served passengers and freight trains, including those at Histon, St Ives, Somersham, Chatteris, and March.

For television broadcast, this footage was to be featured as part of an “About Anglia” news programme, presumably to be transmitted with live reporting or edited with commentary. The footage does show, quite ironically, many of the British Rail advertisements complimenting the public train service.