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David Is Homosexual

A lonely gay man discovers friends, love and activism in this rediscovered educational film made by the Campaign for Homosexual Equality

Drama-documentary 1976 38 mins


This is an important rediscovery in Britain's LGBT history, made on a shoestring on Super8 over the hot summer of 1976 by members of the Lewisham branch of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE). The film follows lonely, isolated office clerk David as he discovers CHE, makes new friends and blossoms into a happy, out gay man. Intended as an educational tool, the film was shown around the country to straight and gay audiences. It features rare footage of the 1976 Gay Pride rally in Hyde Park, where Tom Robinson debuted his hit anthem 'Glad to be Gay'.

David is Homosexual was written and directed by the late Wilfred Avery and filmed by David Belton; the pair were supported by many gay men and lesbians from CHE and the wider community. The edited film, along with many reels of rushes and outtakes, was donated to the BFI National Archive in 2016. The soundtrack, which features music donated by Paul South of the band Handbag, has sadly deteriorated, though the narration is audible.