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Corfam - Dance

If this groovy 60s advert is to be believed, all the cool young things will be wearing Corfam shoes this season…

Advert 1969 1 mins Silent


Modish young ladies prance from their sports car to their helicopter to the latest hip nightclub in this groovy advert for Corfam shoes from the tail end of the Swinging 60s. The cool vibe is somewhat tempered by the use of an old Buddy Holly song released over 10 years earlier and an emphasis on the wipe-clean efficacy of the product. But it's still an irresistible snapshot of 60s style.

Chemical giant DuPont spent millions to promote their water-repelling faux-leather Corfam products. Alas, the inflexibility of the material - customers complained about their lack of comfort - and strong competition in the marketplace, from higher quality leather footwear and cheaper vinyl shoes, resulted in disappointing sales. DuPont withdrew Corfam from the market in 1971.