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Cold War Villages

Plans for the UK's largest nuclear bunker in a Rutland village and a Derbyshire pub landlord who has the safety of the village on his shoulders.

News 1981 4 mins

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In 1981, with no freeze in the Cold War in sight, plans are afoot to build a nuclear bunker for 400 people. A good idea perhaps, but at Morcott in Rutland which only has a population of 300? Meanwhile, at Monyash in Derbyshire, landlord Decio Tettanni explains to Terry Lloyd how his pub has become the village's early warning nerve centre. Problem is: his advanced warning system doesn't get switched on very often.

The Morcott bunker project came to nothing in the end, although it is not clear if the £2,000 per person cost for accommodation in the 'hotel' was the stumbling block. The railway tunnel intended to be used in the project, which was closed in 1966, continues to lie unwanted and neglected.