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An illuminating introduction to coalmining for young schoolchildren

School programme and Educational film 1978 10 mins


You might learn more than you expect from this illuminating beginner's guide to coalmining, aimed at infant school-aged children. Chris Tarrant - then a kids' favourite as presenter of ITV's chaotic Saturday morning show Tiswas - explains how a coal mine works, from the arrival of the miners for the start of their shift, to the collection and return of tallies, and on to the delivery of the coal.

Coalminer was an episode of Stop, Look, Listen, one of ITV's longest-running schools programmes, which aired from 1971 until 2002 (with repeats continuing until 2009). Initially aimed at 7-9 year olds and presented by teacher Harvey Higgins, its focus had changed to 5-7 year olds by the time Christ Tarrant began presenting in 1975.