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Co-op 3-D Film

This strange early 1950s stereoscopic 3-D film is a colourful document of the Co-operative Wholesale Society in Doncaster

Advert 1952 1 mins


This exceedingly odd colour stereoscopic film, made by the Co-operative Wholesale Society in Doncaster and originally intended to be viewed through special glasses, was created when the early 1950s craze for 3-D films was at its height. A cheerful Co-op milkman makes the most of the effect, proudly offering a bottle of his finest milk to the viewer.

This is a short excerpt from a film that is nearly half an hour long in its entirety. Among the other delightful sights contained therein are a young woman exhaling smoke from a ‘smooth as velvet’ Co-op cigarette, and a man bunging delicious Co-op biscuits at the camera.