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Closure of Snibston Colliery

A bleak Christmas for the men of Snibston Colliery as mining in Coalville comes to an end in the last days of 1983.

Current affairs 1983 5 mins

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Coal gave the Leicestershire town of Coalville its name and way of life so there is sadness in the air as the National Coal Board announces the closure of Snibston Colliery. Miner Sam Kirk is emotional but the men are generally resigned to the end and even the NUM can see no future for a pit where the reserves are exhausted. Could a move from the region's west Leicestershire stronghold to the Vale of Belvoir in the east of the county provide salvation?

The Vale of Belvoir 'super pit' at Ashfordby, which is referred to in the film as the future of coal mining in Leicestershire, turned out to be a white elephant. It closed in 1997 after less than ten years in operation.