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CEAG Light Bulb Factory, Barnsley

Barnsley CEAG factory women light the way forward for mining safety lamp production in this informative 1930s short film.

Industry sponsored film 1931 6 mins Silent

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This revealing short film showcases the significant concern that surrounded mining health and safety in Barnsley in the 1930s. The film begins with men emerging from a mine smiling for the camera and later becomes a filmic study of the importance, and production of, the mining safety lamp. Female factory workers demonstrate the production of safety lamps in great detail for an inquisitive camera.

Mining safety has been an area of concern for centuries. Since the start of the 19th Century, numerous safety devices have been developed. One of the most notable devices was undoubtedly the invention of the safety lamp. Many different mining lamp variations have been produced, but it is the Davy lamp, invented in 1815, that is most widely known. Barnsley has a significant and lengthy mining tradition. Mining has occurred in the area since medieval times. Huge coal seams were discovered throughout Barnsley in the early 20th Century which motivated the expansion of many shafts.