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Cairnie Hill, Arbroath

Cairnie Hill, Arbroath

Enjoy the idyllic lifestyle of the super-rich in 1920s Arbroath, near Dundee; a Rolls Royce Twenty and other classic cars, chauffeurs, lawn tennis and well-turned out children.

Amateur film 1928 15 mins

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Don your plus fours and enjoy the idyllic lifestyle of the super-rich in 1920s Arbroath, in this family film. Saunter in the grounds of the turreted mansion at Cairnie Hill, as small children roll down well manicured lawns in the immaculate, vast garden. Join a tennis party in full swing, then take a spin in one of the many luxurious classic cars, including a Rolls Royce Twenty complete with perfectly turned out chauffeur. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

A family film featuring Mr and Mrs Robert Fraser of Arbroath. Mr Fraser was former Managing Director of Alpergatas, a large textiles manufacturer in Argentina, but returned to Scotland to retire at Cairnie Hill in Arbroath, near Dundee. The children in the film are thought to be their Argentinian grandchildren, home from boarding school for the holidays. The family were thought to be rather competitive about their cars, and this film was believed to have been made by a professional photographer, to be sent to relatives in Argentina; thus showcasing the house, grounds and staff, as well as the fleet of luxurious cars.