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Cadair blygu a cneifio

This film combines three fantastically unrelated activities: putting up a deckchair, shearing sheep and selling onions.

Home movie 1967 8 mins Silent

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Guto Roberts, the actor renowned for his role as 'Fo' in the BBC Wales series 'Fo a Fe', and as the first character to speak in the first ever episode of S4C's soap 'Pobl y Cwm', here makes an amusing meal of putting up a deckchair (cadair blygu) in the garden. Following on, long-suffering sheep endure the electric shears (cneifio - shearing) and an onion seller visits with his vegetable wares. Guto, after his labours, lights a cigarette, puffing his cares away.

Fo' is the word used in north Wales for he/him, 'Fe' (played by Ryan Davies), the southern equivalent. The pair, from opposite ends of the country and worlds apart in every which way, are brought together by the marriage of Fo's son and Fe's daughter, becoming reluctant relatives of a sort. Guto Roberts, from Rhosland, near Cricieth, was also a writer, poet, film-maker and local historian.