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By the Wey

Fresh from Hampshire: everything you ever wanted to know about how a modern pint is made.

Industry sponsored film 1963 6 mins


Ever wondered what goes on in the "most up-to-date brewery in Britain"? This promotional film sponsored by Harp Lager - an offshoot of Guinness which was produced in the Hampshire town of Alton - has all the answers. A voiceover talks the viewer through every scientific detail in the modern brewing process, from milling to malting. But even after all that talk of yeast and "bottom fermentation", you still might fancy a cool one.

Sitting on the River Wey, with hops and barley historically grown nearby, Alton has a centuries-old tradition of beer-making. The brewery seen being opened here gave another 52 years of service after this film was made, changing hands several times before finally being closed in 2015.