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British Shipping Industry

From US colonialism to UK shipbuilding via anti-strikebreaking measures - this issue of the American newsreel has it all.

Anthology 1935 21 mins


This issue of the bombastic US cinemagazine March of Time spans a variety of issues, from US colonial ambition to strikebreaking and British shipbuilding. First, US personnel plant the stars and stripes flag on three uninhabited islands in the South Pacific - Jarvis Island, Howland Island and Baker Island - with a view to establishing strategic airstrips. We then meet 'King of the Strikebreakers' Pearl Bergoff, who meets his match when the Governor of Georgia takes him on.

And finally, time marches on for the thousands of unemployed British shipyard workers - apparently to better things. An optimistic assessment of the state of the UK shipbuilding industry is given in the context of plans for the rearmament of the Navy. The building of the Queen Mary provides new employment in Clydebank, and the forthright narration promises new hopes and a new spirit as British shipbuilding is revived.