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Britain Joins the EEC

Before Brexit there was…Br-entry

Government sponsored film 1973 10 mins


This film outlines the events from 1945 onwards which led to Britain’s entry into the European Economic Community on 1 January 1973. It is a history lesson, with archive footage and animated maps, which generally strives to be fair and balanced. Additional commentary is provided by Conservative Minister for Industrial Development Christopher Chataway. The film makes it clear that joining the EEC was a step that Britain did not find easy to take. The issue of surrendering sovereignty is referred to and there is a glimpse of an anti-market demonstration. However, while the film acknowledges that opinion in Britain was divided about joining, Chataway places emphasis on the trade benefits for Britain and her trading partners across the world, and he also gives reassurance that Britain will not lose its cultural identity, and that we will not sever ‘our historic ties with the Commonwealth and North America’.