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Bringing It Home

Dad explains the reasons for rationing in an engrossing WWII propaganda short commissioned by Cadbury's.

Documentary 1940 19 mins


It's tension and high drama on the ocean waves in this Cadbury's-commissioned propaganda short about the risky but crucial work of protecting the nation's wartime food supplies. A lecture from dad about the need for rationing is aided by some nifty animated statistics about the country's dependence on food imports. Also featured are some fascinating scenes of the unloading of cargo at Britain's ports and docks.

As well as this 19-minute film, which was intended for release to high street cinemas, an edited ten minute version, Food Convoy, was also produced. Focusing primarily on the Merchant Navy's work in protecting convoys, the shorter film was made for screening in more remote locations in venues such as village halls, factory canteens and schools.