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Bless 'em All U rating

AWOL for more than half a century, but now back on parade, this cheery army comedy is a showcase for variety star Hal Monty and a young Max Bygraves.

Comedy 1948 71 mins


Missing in action for many years, this raucous comedy of army life, which looks back on the latter days of WWII, is a slam-bang showcase for the boisterous variety antics of comedian Hal Monty, seen here in his heyday performing rough and ready slapstick sketches aplenty. He’s accompanied by regular foil Les Ritchie, as his uptight sergeant, and comical crooner Max Bygraves, in his screen debut.

Long after it was listed on the BFI’s list of ‘Most Wanted’ missing films, Bless ‘Em All was finally tracked down in Belgium’s Cinematheque Royal. The somewhat scratchy, well-worn 35mm print that was found there, which features distinctive burnt-in French and Dutch subtitles, was transferred into the BFI’s collection in late 2014. It is currently the only film copy known to exist.