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Blackburn Rovers v Aston Villa (1904)

The entry of the teams and action from both halves of an Edwardian football game at Ewood Park.

Non-Fiction 1904 2 mins Silent


This is the earliest of two games filmed by Mitchell and Kenyon at Blackburn's Ewood Park. The negative was badly damaged, giving the picture a snowed-out look, but the competitive zeal is clear enough. Unusually for M&K's football films, the camera captures a (rather scrappy) home team goal, to the visible frustration of Villa players, who mount a furious protest. Blackburn went on to win 4-0.

At first glance it's hard to distinguish the distinctive blue and white halved kit of Blackburn Rovers as the players march out onto the pitch. This is due to the particular sensitivities of the orthochromatic film stock in use at this time, which couldn't detect red colours and was oversensitive to blue. Look closer though, and it's possible to make out a difference in shade with the white pocket on the blue half. Special thanks to Dean Beresford, who identified this match as the First Division game played at Blackburn's Ewood Park on the 10th September 1904.