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Billy Fury at the ABC Plymouth

Billy Fury is interviewed before his concert at the ABC in Plymouth.

Current affairs 1962 3 mins

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Singer and songwriter Ronald Wycherley aka Billy Fury is interviewed by Roger Shaw for Westward TV before his appearance at the ABC in Plymouth. Billy talks of his recent success with song Halfway to Paradise his upcoming album with backing group The Tornadoes. The Silver Beetles auditioned with music promoter Larry Parnes for the job but John Lennon refused the conditions. The Silver Beetles became The Beatles. The album Billy Fury and the Tornadoes came out in 1963.

Billy Fury was born in Dingle Liverpool on 17 April 1940 where his dad ran a corner shop. He suffered from rheumatic fever as a child and had to give up his job on Liverpool’s tugboats as a result. This led to heart surgery later on in his life and his eventual premature death in 1983. He had 29 hit records including It’s Only Make Believe and I Will and appeared in three films Play It Cool (1962) the first feature directed by Michael Winner, I’ve Gotta Horse (1966) both referenced in this interview and That’ll Be The Day (1973). Dubbed the English Elvis his first single Maybe Tomorrow hit the charts in 1959; good looks and teddy boy charm made him an instant heartthrob. His first album The Sound of Fury was released in 1960.