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Bideford Shipbuilding

Bideford Shipbuilding

News 1978 1 mins Silent

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Shipbuilding is a prehistoric past-time. Archaeological evidence points to ships being produced as early as 3000BC. The Torridge Estuary has seen many battles throughout its history and the town of Bideford has evolved around trade from fishing, to the export of semi-precious metals, smuggling and shipbuilding. Ships built at Bideford include HMS Mutine and HMS Garland.

Bideford is a port on the Torridge estuary with a long tradition in shipbuilding. In 1902 Robert Cook and Sons built wrought iron vessels in the Iron Yard at Appledore and in 1912 the last wooden constructed schooner ‘PT Harris’ was built after PK Harris and Sons purchased the Hubbastone yard. In recent history the shipping yards in Bideford have been used to repair, modify and build crafts and items of equipment.