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Beneath the Skyline

See Edinburgh through the eyes of award winning visionary Mark Littlewood as his alluringly artistic shots and stirring classical soundtrack guide you through the Capital.

Animation & Artists Moving Image 1966 10 mins

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Witness the beauty of Scotland’s Capital City through the artistic eyes of award winning visionary Mark Littlewood. Focusing on the city’s buildings, industry and wildlife Littlewood paints a unique portrait of Edinburgh; a far cry from the traditional tourist trappings usually caught on film. Set to a stirring classical soundtrack and with nationally respected producer, Alan Harper, at its helm this is a must see.

Mark Littlewood won a Kodak award for colour photography in 1969 for this fantastic film. He went on to form Pelicula Films in 1971 with writer/ director Mike Alexander. The duo produced a variety of films, both fiction and documentary including a feature film in Gaelic. ‘Beneath the Skyline’ was produced by Alan Harper who owned Campbell Harper Films. The company received widespread acclaim during the Second World War, when it produced home front propaganda films. It also made documentary, educational and industrial films for a variety of sponsors and produced twenty-two titles for Films of Scotland during its lifetime.