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As Dreams Are Made Of...

Sophisticated, smart and surreal, this Courtaulds’ fashion show ventures well beyond the confines of the catwalk.

Fantasy 1965 13 mins


This mesmerising memento of 1960s fashion ventures well beyond the confines of the catwalk - and into the kaleidoscopic dream world of fashion model Aldine Honey. Whether she's visiting a gun shop, enjoying a champagne lunch or a tasting session at a friend's wine cellar, Courtaulds' up-to-the-minute textiles never fail to inspire the perfect outfit.

The actress, Aldine Honey, was a fashion model in the real world. Her dream sequence outfits are from some of the top designers of the day, including Hardy Amies, John Cavanagh, Ronald Paterson, Lachasse, and Norman Hartnell. Courtaulds was a leading manufacturer of man-made textiles - this was one of many innovative promotional films made by their in-house film production team.