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Appointment at Kiel

Britain's sailing team competes in selection trials at Weymouth and preparations are underway at Kiel for the 1972 Olympics.

Documentary 1973 56 mins


This fascinating documentary sees the British sailing team preparing for the 1972 Olympic competition at Kiel-Schilksee. On home shores, Weymouth hosts an eventful selection competition, including the Tempest and Soling class sailboats making their debut at the Olympics. In August it's on to Kiel, where the competition for the medals begins. With beautiful close shots of rivalry on the water photographed by Kurt Lorenz, the film also features brief interviews with some of the world's top sailors. Gentle, lyrical commentary is provided by Alan Dobie.

The competition was suspended after a deadly terrorist attack in Munich, in which Black September guerrillas stormed the Israeli building and took hostages, resulting in the deaths of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. A memorial service was held in the Munich stadium on 6 September and the competition resumed a day later.