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An Unbroken Tradition

Explore "the best of an older England" in this sun-drenched TV travelogue of Lincolnshire's rural villages, cobbled market towns and ancient cities.

Travelogue 1979 25 mins


"It's tempting to think of Lincolnshire as a living museum, a relic of a lost way of life", states this sun-drenched TV travelogue, while not exactly promoting an alternative. This tranquil tour of the county's rural villages, market towns and ancient cities is crammed with images of flower fields, fertile farmland, windmills, cathedrals, castles, cobbled streets and manicured lawns.

Despite a few fleeting references to 'modern industry', supermarkets and department stores, in Lincolnshire it seems "the old ways are still the best". The film was sponsored by the Lincolnshire and South Humberside Tourist Association, who clearly chose to emphasise the county's links with the past over any suggestion of post-war progress or modernity. It makes much of traditional pastimes and trades - including fox hunting, blacksmithing and saddle making. Traditional pleasures too, in the shape of seaside resorts Skegness and Cleethorpes, with their picnics and pony rides. But look closer and you'll spot a few tell-tale signs of the times: a cattle market punter packs his newly-purchased calf into the back of a mustard-coloured Mini.