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Allwch Chi Helpu Rhywun? (Could You Help Somebody?)

An appeal to the youth of the day to take into account the needs of the elderly when out and about. A role model is shown to be cool and yet also helpful and considerate.

Public Information Filler 1970 1 mins

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This cautionary tale aims to raise awareness amongst the young of the needs of the elderly, whose fragile safety may be impaired by big groups crowding the pavements and who might need a little help from the community when out and about. The young man in this film who assists an elderly lady [the actress Rachel Thomas who starred with Paul Robeson in ‘The Proud Valley’] shows that it is possible to bridge the generation gap and still appear cool.

The Ministry of Information, producing films/leaflets that warned the British public of dangers and provided advice and propaganda during WWII, was disbanded with the arrival of peace but replaced by the Central Office of Information, so that the government could continue to disseminate advice and guidance on any number of issues e.g. the new national health service, education, rights. The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales holds a number of such films – 1970s ‘fillers’ for use in the cinema or on television - that were provided with Welsh language sound tracks.