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Aka and Daffla Dances

A stunning display by Nyishi tribesmen from the hills of Arunachal Pradesh, north-eastern India

Amateur film 1934 11 mins Silent


Nyishi tribesmen and women present a spectacular display of dancing, hunting re-enactments and acrobatics for their village and some special guests. Animal masks are elegantly handcrafted and adorned by performers to signify their hunting prowess. Women dance gracefully to the rhythmic beats of men banging the dhol drums. The grand finale is an array of tightrope jumping and acrobatics. Filmed in the Aka and Daphla (Dafla) Hills in the state of Arunchal Pradesh, north-eastern India, this was one of several amateur films made by tea planter and big game hunter G. Mackrell. Tejinder Jouhal