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After Dark

Careful Colin Welland warns hazardous Herberts of the dangers of night-time driving

Documentary 1979 14 mins


"The British are coming!" announced Colin Welland on winning the best screenplay Oscar for Chariots of Fire (1981). "And they have excellent advice on careful driving in hazardous night conditions", he could have added, based on his involvement in this road safety film made for the Central Office of Information. Careful Colin is our straight-talking guide against the hazardous Herberts who don't amend their driving style for dark and wet conditions, in the city or the countryside.

Though perhaps best remembered for his award-winning script, Colin Welland (1934-2015) was also a very familiar face on television through his role as PC David Graham in Z Cars, which ran from 1962 to 1978. Alongside his film screenwriting, he won a BAFTA for his performance in Ken Loach's Kes (1969).