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Aaron's Rod

A mysterious murder sets Nayland Smith and Petrie once again on the trail of villainous Fu-Manchu, and seeking a strange old stick with magical powers

Crime 1923 28 mins Silent


The first reel of this thrilling episode of The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu is sadly missing, so we join the action halfway through, to find Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie investigating the murder of Abel Slattin, possessor of 'Aaron's Rod', an aboriginal staff thought to have strange powers. This ancient prize is desperately sought by the dreadful Dr Fu-Manchu... and hides an unexpected secret.

Featuring some rather rough-looking fight scenes, and a splendidly unlikely denouement, Aaron's Rod is closely based on incidents in Sax Rohmer's second Fu-Manchu novel, The Devil Doctor (1916).