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A Visit to Locomotive Works, Crewe

The lengthy process of building a Claughton class locomotive is shortened through the magic of moving image

1913 6 mins Silent


The magic of motion pictures make the lengthy construction of a locomotive seem speedy as a brand new Claughton class locomotive is constructed for the London and North Western Railway main line. The precision process of wheeling the engine appears far quicker in this film than it ever would have been in reality. When the action slowed down in the works, the cameraman simply stopped cranking the camera - with the effect for the viewer that the loco appears to be dropped in rapid stages onto its wheels! The locomotive is No. 2046 Charles N Lawrence and was built at Crewe in June 1913. Sadly, the Claughton type locomotive never really lived up to its promise and this particular example was withdrawn from LMS service in February 1935.