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A Visit to Heathrow Airport, Eastbourne and the Devil's Dyke

Heathrow is buzzing in Ted Diamond's nostalgia-fest filmed on the terraces of the Queen's Building - featuring long gone airlines, aircraft and car parks

Amateur film 1964 9 mins Silent

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It's a busy Tuesday on the viewing terraces of the now-demolished Queens Building at London’s Heathrow Airport. As a variety of classic aircraft types arrive and depart we also see the inadequate airport car parking of the time. We then board a coach to Eastbourne with the rest of the Diamond family. A trip to Beachy Head follows with views of the lighthouse below. Finally, we arrive at Devil's Dyke near Brighton with big sky views over the South Downs.

The spectator viewing terraces and rooftop gardens on the roof of the Queen's Building at London's Heathrow Airport were a very popular destination with visitors and plane spotters alike, as can be seen from this film. It is said that in 1956 the venue was one of the most visited of London's attractions. The Queen's Building was demolished in 2009 to make way for a redeveloped Terminal 2 which opened in 2014.