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A Visit to Arundel Castle

Join the Greenyers as they spend an enjoyable day at Arundel Castle - walking about the gardens and viewing the surrounding countryside from the battlements.

Amateur film 1972 9 mins

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We begin with the Greenyer family entering the grounds of Arundel Castle, making their way along the ramparts before attempting to climb some steps carrying a pram with a small child inside. After some views of the castle's southside we cross a drawbridge into the barbican. Continuing up more steps to the castle's Norman keep, the family enjoy great views of the town and its prominent church from the battlements. A child feeds ducks and swans before the film ends.

Jim Greenyer, who made this film, worked in a photographic shop in Hove. He was a long-time member of the Hove Camera Club and also belonged to the Albany Cine Club.