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This collection showcases a selection of hard-to-see features that are unavailable to watch anywhere else (legally) in the UK.

The films range from The Private Life of Don Juan (1934), Douglas Fairbanks last ever screen performance, to a prescient slice of speculative sci-fi with The Tunnel (1936) and some beguiling examples of early silent cinema. We hope this collection will introduce new audiences of all ages to these valuable films.

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The Perfect WomanThe Perfect Woman

Comedy194987 mins

In a bid to improve on nature, a scientist creates a robot female. But the experiment doesn't quite turn out as planned...

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Comedy194880 mins

A man goes fishing and comes home with a most unusual catch in this comedy feature.

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The TunnelThe Tunnel

Science Fiction193693 mins

The construction of a transatlantic tunnel linking Britain and America hits trouble in an entertaining slice of speculative fiction.

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Bless 'em AllBless 'em All

Comedy194871 mins

AWOL for more than half a century, but now back on parade, this cheery army comedy is a showcase for variety star Hal Monty and a young Max Bygraves.

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The Private Life of Don JuanThe Private Life of Don Juan

Comedy193487 mins

Husbands lock up their wives when the renowned Romeo returns to Seville; but the man wooing the city’s ladies is not what he seems.

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Madness of the HeartMadness of the Heart

Melodrama194990 mins

The path to true love never runs smooth, but poor Margaret Lockwood gets more of a bumpy ride than anyone deserves in this post-war melodrama.

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Escape from BroadmoorEscape from Broadmoor

Thriller194839 mins Location: Hampstead

An escaped murderer faces the vengeful spirit of the woman he killed in this 'psychic mystery' British B-movie.

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Mr. Perrin and Mr. TraillMr. Perrin and Mr. Traill

Drama194892 mins

Two public school teachers clash over teaching methods and the love of a good woman in this absorbing Hugh Walpole adaptation.

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Bad Lord ByronBad Lord Byron

Biopic194983 mins

Ambitious, eccentric and hugely entertaining biopic, with Dennis Price's 'wicked' poet-adventurer defending himself in a celestial court.

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The Great BarrierThe Great Barrier

Western193781 mins

Ambitious, stirring British Western that pits man against the elements in the battle to drive a railway through the Canadian Rockies

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Helen of Four GatesHelen of Four Gates

Drama192078 minsSilent Location: Heptonstall

A tale of treachery, madness and thwarted love in this vivid rural melodrama set around Heptonstall in Yorkshire.

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Britannia of BillingsgateBritannia of Billingsgate

Comedy193378 mins Location: Southwark Park

A star is born in this effervescent musical comedy that moves between Billingsgate Fish Market and the glamour of the film world.

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High Treason (sound version)High Treason (sound version)

Science Fiction192968 mins

Extravagantly-mounted futuristic sci-fi, now with added sound, although still with the world's two power blocs at loggerheads.

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Comin' Thro' The RyeComin' Thro' The Rye

Biopic194756 mins Location: Burns Cott

A brisk and rousing biopic of Robert Burns, punctuated by songs and poems based on his famous works.

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Pirates of 1920Pirates of 1920

Crime191117 minsSilent

A rip-roaring adventure tale with a nod to Jules Verne, as a band of futuristic cut-throats terrorise the skies in their trusty airship.

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High Treason (silent version)High Treason (silent version)

Science Fiction192975 minsSilent

A terrorist plot plays out on a backdrop of towering skyscrapers, bullet-railways and silver lamé in this vintage vision of London's future.

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