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Around Japan with a Movie CameraAround Japan with a Movie Camera

Documentary191275 mins

Intense interest in Japan by the West made it a favourite destination for filmmakers from the earliest days of film. This selection of films from 1901 to 1913, newly restored by the BFI National Archive, takes us on a fascinating journey through Meiji Japan.

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Jamaica - Third TestJamaica - Third Test

Sport196029 mins

Connor’s coverage of the first-ever test won by England in the Caribbean, from an overcrowded Sabina Park, features authoritative narration by British-Guyanese commentator Ernest Eytle.

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Caribbean Honeymoon No. 1Caribbean Honeymoon No. 1

Travelogue196017 mins

‘My People!’ Connor returns to his birthplace of Mayaro to celebrate his homeland’s natural beauty and manufacturing, capturing pre-independence Caribbean islands in all their glorious warmth.

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Caribbean Honeymoon No. 2Caribbean Honeymoon No. 2

Travelogue196015 mins

Shown at the 1960 Edinburgh international Film Festival, this dazzling travelogue records Guyana’s idyllic flora and the industries that supplied raw materials for British homes.

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Bound for LagosBound for Lagos

Romance196031 mins

Commissioned in 1960 to mark Nigeria’s independence, Connor directs and stars in this troubled production about shifting social relations in an emergent West African middle-class.

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