This is the Rhythm of My Life

Music, film, faith, costumes and colour lift our spirits and allow us to dream. Strip them away and life might be simpler, but it's the strength we find in these things that brings us together and, like the characters in these films, makes us eternally interesting.

BFI London Film Festival short films programmed by Nellie Alston, Philip Ilson, Aduke King and Elaine Wong

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Documentary202013 mins

In a Buenos Aires’ hairdressing salon, clients, dancers and reggaeton singers find their community.

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Documentary201929 mins

This heart-warming documentary focuses on Asho, a cheerful young shepherd, who loves film, dreams of being an actor and one day marrying Jodie Foster.

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Jambo CinemaJambo Cinema

Animation & Artists Moving Image202010 mins

Reminiscing an 80’s childhood spent pirating Bollywood VHS’s in Wolverhampton, Dawinder Bansal’s plucky narration speaks lovingly of her Asian community and the films that united them.

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Henet WardHenet Ward

Comedy202023 mins

As her daughter Ward plays, a Sudanese henna painter prepares an Egyptian bride for her wedding. As she paints, complicity is replaced by blame and suspicion.

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Mountain Cat [Shiluus]Mountain Cat [Shiluus]

Drama202014 mins

A troubled teen visits a local shaman in search of spiritual healing. Set against the Mongolian plains, this an intimate portrait of a young woman’s catharsis.

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Documentary202021 mins

Through the power of vogueing, a group of young dancers in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, try to find their way in the world in this pulsating documentary.