Somewhere in India

We know that these films were shot in India, but where? Can you help us to identify the locations?

Calling all India experts! Here are the films for which we have no locations. Some will be impossible to identify. For others, you might have the knowledge to help us. If you recognise any of the locations in these films – or, indeed, have information about any of the other films in the collection - we'd love to hear from you. Please tweet @BFI using #IndiaOnFilm.

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Documentary194716 mins

A social worker teaches her Indian village neighbours about clean, modern childbirth

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Documentary194718 minsSilent

Advice for village families on raising children to become strong, healthy citizens

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A Native Street in IndiaA Native Street in India

Travelogue19062 minsSilent

Early film of a crowded street scene in an unidentified Indian city. Can you identify it?

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Sports dans l'armée des IndesSports dans l'armée des Indes

Interest film19105 minsSilent

A demonstration of sport and fitness by members of the Indian Army

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Amateur film192914 minsSilent

Amateur film of the passage to India - complete with guest appearance by Gandhi

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India - Personal Film 1 - C. 1940India - Personal Film 1 - C. 1940

Amateur film19402 minsSilent

Family life in colonial India - baby Georgina with her British mother and Chinese amah, possibly in Calcutta

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India: Hunting with ElephantsIndia: Hunting with Elephants

Non-Fiction193010 mins

On the trail of big game in this extraordinary home movie shot by famous hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett

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Bridge ConstructionBridge Construction

19291 minsSilent

Pith helmets at play – but where, when and why?

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Cowley Fathers' Mission in IndiaCowley Fathers' Mission in India

Documentary193716 minsSilent

Life in Maharashtra, as seen through missionary eyes.

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Elephants: Working and TrainingElephants: Working and Training

Amateur film193513 minsSilent

Amateur film of elephants at work and being trained during the British Raj.

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An Indian Washing the BabyAn Indian Washing the Baby

Non-Fiction19062 minsSilent

A film on a charming, 'unofficial' subject - authentic ethnographic record or exotica for western eyes?

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Indian Elephants and their HandlersIndian Elephants and their Handlers

Interest film19092 minsSilent

Indian elephants bathing and working

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Musical Instruments of IndiaMusical Instruments of India

Documentary194412 mins

The tabla, sanai, baya and the micro-tone tuning of the sitar are presented and performed.

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A Road in IndiaA Road in India

Travelogue19389 mins

A portrait of 'the enigmatic and disturbing East' - elevated by Jack Cardiff's Technicolor cinematography

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Documentary195011 minsSilent

Amateur film footage showing wildlife in Iran, Pakistan and India taken in 1950 by Sir Clarmont Skrine.

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Flying to India by Imperial AirwaysFlying to India by Imperial Airways

Amateur film193411 minsSilent

British Diplomat Clarmont Skrine records footage of an early long-haul flight from Europe to India, documenting their stop-offs in British territories en-route to their destination.

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Honey Harvest in IndiaHoney Harvest in India

Non-Fiction19369 minsSilent

Death-defying antics on behalf of the sweet-toothed, in a home movie shot by hunter-turned-conservationist Jim Corbett

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Dangerous JourneyDangerous Journey

Documentary194473 minsSilent

Expeditions to parts of North and South America, India and Burma (Myanmar).