Most Popular Free 2016

Our national fabric has many threads and deep colour. Each year, it gets more vivid and popular…

Here are the most popular free films on BFI Player during 2016.

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The Farm on the MotorwayThe Farm on the Motorway

Documentary198326 mins Location: Booth Wood

Life in the fast lane, as thousands roar past every day wondering why there is a farm in the middle of a motorway, and why anyone would live there.

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Christmas in BelfastChristmas in Belfast

Government sponsored film19772 mins Location: Belfast

Christmas in Belfast at the height of 'The Troubles'. Not the most wonderful time of year.

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Glasgow Gets to WorkGlasgow Gets to Work

Amateur film193512 minsSilent Location: Glasgow

Hold on tight for a joyous ride around 1935 Glasgow's bustling road, rail and river transport network in this Scottish educational film.

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Sunshine in SohoSunshine in Soho

Documentary195632 mins Location: Soho

1950s Soho beats with far more energy than its 21st century counterpart in this vivid time capsule.

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Swansea, Victoria - Pontardulais Railway, 1964 (June)Swansea, Victoria - Pontardulais Railway, 1964 (June)

Amateur film196412 mins Location: Pontarddulais

“It would be difficult to find a more lovely train journey”, declares Swansea’s Librarian, the film-maker and narrator. Prepare to be beguiled, station by station.

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A Day in the HayfieldsA Day in the Hayfields

Non-Fiction19043 minsSilent Location: Walton-on-Thames

Midsummer haymaking larks

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Lonely WaterLonely Water

19732 mins

Terrifying public information film presenting the horrific consequences of playing in or near rivers, ponds and other water hazards.

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Punk In 60 SecondsPunk In 60 Seconds

Promotional20161 mins

Anarchy in the UK… This rare footage presents a short blast of the punk energy that took over the streets of Britain in the late 1970s.

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A Woman UndressingA Woman Undressing

Pornography18961 minsSilent

A treat for Victorian voyeurs - and Britain's oldest erotic film?

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Tunde's FilmTunde's Film

Documentary drama197340 mins Location: Stepney

Tired of being hassled by the police and with no job opportunities, a group of teenage East End lads plan to rob a bank.

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Alligator on LizardAlligator on Lizard

News19715 mins Location: St Keverne

Daisy the pet alligator living on the Lizard in Cornwall

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Cambridge - St IvesCambridge - St Ives

Amateur film19688 minsSilent Location: Cambridge

Amateur film capturing the Cambridge to St Ives Eastern Rail route prior to its closure following the Beeching Report.

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Bitterne Traffic SchemeBitterne Traffic Scheme

Documentary197415 mins Location: Southampton

On the buses in Southampton, as this traffic scheme tried to end commuter misery by prioritising public transport

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Beautiful YorkshireBeautiful Yorkshire

Amateur film193612 minsSilent Location: Harrogate

Sedate cars drive by the Stray at Harrogate, where stately ladies serenely walk, while a lonely woman in a glides by in a punt at Knaresborough.

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Mining Review 2nd Year No. 11Mining Review 2nd Year No. 11

Industry sponsored film19499 mins

American actor and singer Paul Robeson visits an Edinburgh colliery, where he regales miners with a rendition of 'I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night'.

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197822 mins Location: Bradford

Brusque portrait of issues facing the Muslim community in 1970s Bradford including working conditions, co-educational schooling and family law.

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Who Killed the Bears?Who Killed the Bears?

Non-Fiction19645 mins Location: Cinderford

24 April 1889 - a crime is committed against two animals and the repercussions reverberate into the next century.

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River RideRiver Ride

Amateur film196317 mins Location: Wivenhoe

On the Essex line from Wivenhoe to Brightingsea, Guard Proctor checks for tickets as passengers share the wonderful view of yacht racing on the River Colne from their carriage.

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Bourne - A Town StudyBourne - A Town Study

197521 minsSilent Location: Bourne

From racing cars to squeaky toys: local school kids discover there's more to rural Bourne than meets the eye.

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Making of WokingMaking of Woking

Amateur film198515 mins Location: Woking

An award winning amateur film tracing the transformation of Woking, from open heath to modern commuter-belt town. The film also features the famous Brookwood Necropolis.

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News19664 mins Location: Plymouth

Miniskirt - Passion and Power

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Railways for Ever!Railways for Ever!

Documentary19707 mins

Sir John Betjeman reminisces about the phasing out of the mainline steam operation.

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Death Is Their DestinyDeath Is Their Destiny

Amateur film197813 mins Location: London

Fascinating amateur footage of London punks, and a glimpse of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, filmed on the King's Road in 1978.