Kids Will Be Kids

Children worldwide can be unruly, wild and unmanageable. This is all part of growing up, even if it sometimes means going beyond the limits. These films, from the backstreets of Accra in Ghana and the Australian Outback, to rural life in India and Wales, and the dog-eat-dog world of a British estate, perfectly illustrate this.

BFI London Film Festival short films programmed by Nellie Alston, Philip Ilson, Aduke King and Elaine Wong

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Good Night [Da Yie]Good Night [Da Yie]

Drama201910 mins

Two kids chasing chickens and playing football in the backstreets of Accra make friends with a rich guy.

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Bitter SkyBitter Sky

Drama201916 mins

Nia is missing her mother and dreams of escape from the depths of the Welsh countryside.

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Drama20209 mins

13-year-old Maya is taking care of 10-year-old Guy, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s.

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Drama202017 mins

Bittu is a fiercely independent little girl who loves showing off, even though she always gets herself in trouble.

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An Everyday ActAn Everyday Act

Drama201920 mins

In committing one terrible act, 12-year-old Eric leaves his childhood behind. But he does so to help his family survive.

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Drama201910 mins

Young Barbara’s mother has just been overcharged at the local supermarket and it’s up to her to go there and sort it out.