Five short films available for free online throughout BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival, in partnership with the British Council.

FiveFilmsForFreedom 2021, the global, digital LGBTIQ+ film festival, is brought to you by the British Council and the BFI. From 17 - 28 March, audiences in London will be enjoying BFI Flare, the LGBTIQ+ film festival. At the same time you, and people all over the world, can watch five films from the festival for free online.

Love is a human right.

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Bodies of DesireBodies of Desire

Drama20204 mins

In a conservative society, this is a passionate love poem to genderless intimacy.

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Land of the Free [Du gamla, du fria]Land of the Free [Du gamla, du fria]

Drama202011 mins

A group of gay men enjoy a late-night birthday party in the park, but an encounter with two straight couples creates a situation.

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Drama202012 mins

Whoever you are, whatever your desires, you too shall go to the prom!

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Trans Happiness is RealTrans Happiness is Real

Documentary20208 mins

Young activists in Oxford wage a trans-positive graffiti war after discovering TERF stickers dotted around the city.

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Drama20208 mins

A florist receives a surprise visit from her ex-wife, uneasy at the next round of coming out.

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