BFI London Film Festival Shorts

Small but perfectly formed. The Short Film Award recognises short-form works with a unique cinematic voice and a confident handling of chosen theme and content.

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Essex GirlsEssex Girls

Drama202315 mins

A teenage girl navigates friendship groups, social awkwardness and boys in this sharp coming of age drama.

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Area BoyArea Boy

Drama202319 mins

Eli, a young teenager torn between two worlds, tries to balance fitting in with finding his true identity after he moves to a provincial town.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image202330 mins

Acknowledging archaeology’s colonial, extractive register, this work imagines artefacts’ experience as they are displaced from Syria to a Berlin museum.

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The Archive: Queer NigeriansThe Archive: Queer Nigerians

Documentary202325 mins

This poetic film documents the experiences of queer Nigerians, expanding our contemporary understanding of how queerness is expressed.

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The SingerThe Singer

Drama202320 mins

An unlikely creative partnership is formed between a young deaf man and an embittered busker on the streets of Edinburgh.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image202325 mins

Demonic forces possess human and land bodies alike. Ukraine, Syria and Belarus are infected by Russian imperialism, resources extracted parasitically.

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Wells of DespairWells of Despair

Animation & Artists Moving Image202320 mins

Through displaced belongings in ethnographic museums, sata taas collective consider the loss of indigenous culture and knowledge systems in Siberia.

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The Goose’s ExcuseThe Goose’s Excuse

Animation & Artists Moving Image202325 mins

Murmurs of the otherworldly pass through an Egyptian village. Fields and dwellings stir with quiet enchantment as inhabitants seek illumination.

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Boat PeopleBoat People

Animation & Artists Moving Image202310 mins

Fleeing the war in Vietnam, Thao and her mother find salvation in stories of ants and their resilient communities.

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The WalkThe Walk

Drama202312 mins

Pilgrimage or purgatory? Every Wednesday Amar endures a 24-mile round trip on foot to the JobCentre and back to sign on


Short films exploring what it means to be a young adult in the world today.